Number of staves per page

Hi team,

I really like the percentage meters telling me how full a page or a staff is.
A meter stating the number of staves on the page would IMO be a great complement to this. Very useful for layout purposes.

Over and out.

Another well known notation app does this, of course. It’s useful for balancing the number of systems across a spread, particularly in instrumental parts.

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Exactly that.

Number of systems would be the correct term for this in English. (Just to head off any misunderstanding.)

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I actually meant staves, not systems. With full scores it is mostly quite easy to see the number of systems. Or am I misunderstanding the naming convention here? In Swedish we mix all the time…

Even in a single-staff instrument part, the music lines on a page are legitimately referred to as systems.

So you would call individual systems lines rather than staves? That is, if you don’t call them systems.

I think we could refer to one-staff system, three-staves systems (for organ?), etc…

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Colloquially you probably could say “line” and people would follow your meaning.

In Dorico-land, “line” specifically means a notation item that’s generally either horizontal or vertical. System is defined in Dorico’s glossary here.

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