Number of Tracks limit?

Hello Steinberg team,

This is a Sound Design assignment.

I’m halfway on a, 10 episodes Program and already at about 700 tracks… (Audio/VCAs/groups/fxs/pre-masters…)
I use Steinberg’s fat channel strip for most of the work because it’s awesome, I am thrifty in my filtering and only trust very few other sound designer’s plugins… and finally, for the Heavy lifting, I use UAD’s

So, you get the gist… Now, when should I expect Cubase to say, NO MORE?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Sorry, no one can tell you. It highly depends at your system and several components of it, same as your operating system and its shape, your BIOS settings, etc. Sorry…

Theoretically, there is no limit for the Audio, Instrument, MIDI, FX and Group tracks in Cubase Pro. There is a limit for the VCAs.

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and there is a limit for the simultaneous recorded inputs (256)

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