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Hi !

I’ll soon upgrade my computer, and buy an external sound card, so I thought I’d update my version of cubase (I currently have cubase 5), to Cubase 8 Pro. But as I’m by far not a pro and that I don’t know how to use all the plugins in the complete version of cubase, I’ve been proposed a bundle with the Steinberg UR22 card sound, which includes cubase elements 7 (which is way less expensive).

But, I’ve seen that the number of midi tracks is limited to 64 midi tracks, and 24 instrument tracks. I worked on cubase 5 before, and not being limited, I always added instruments tracks to play “Halion One” songs or “Eastwest symphonic orchestra” songs and never really understood what a midi track was. But now that I see that I only got 24 instruments tracks, that really seems a little ! So I thought using midi tracks would help me, but as I have to load my instruments in “VST instruments”, which in cubase elements 7 doesn’t go over 16, that means that, even if in theory I have 64 midi tracks, I would only be able to play 40 (24+16) tracks of the “Eastwest symphonic orchestra”. Because the player of Eastwest only have 1 output.

Plus, with Cubase 5, I used to load multiple instruments tracks with the same sound (e.g. Violins), in order to mix them differently depending on the part of the song I was working on. Changing volume instead of using automation, for example.

Is it correct that I wouldn’t be able to play more than 40 tracks ? Or do I miss something ?

And why is it said you can use 64 midi tracks, if you only have 16 racks in the VST instruments pannel ? You can’t have 64 different instruments, right ?

Thanks in advance to those who’ll try to help !
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I am far for being expert either on midi or Cubase Elements 7 but I will try to give you some explanation. I own Elements 7 and I am using it to import midi files to convert them into waw, then record voice and finally mix those two audio tracks in song.
From spec: Support for 64 MIDI and 48 simultaneous audio tracks
MIDI and audio tracks are not the same. MIDI track and MIDI voice (instrument) are not the same.
From GM1 spec (General Midi): MIDI has 16 channels (10. reserved from drums) and 128 instruments. What does it mean? You can play 16 instrument simultaneously but in one song you can have all 128 instruments. If you have midi file format 0 then there is only one track but there can be many tempo changes and lets say 40 instruments playing over 16 channels (only 16 at a same time). When you import midi into Cubase Elements 7 user (you) can setup does he/she want to split instruments into individual tracks so you can get 39 tracks for instrument and if you split drum elements on each track maybe total of 50 midi tracks. You should play that midi in Cubase Element 7 “no problemo”. If you import 20 audio tracks in same project you should be able to play them all (along with midi). I never tried this but it should work.