Number pad functionality

While the Dorico key commands map shows that number pad numerals can be used for time value durations (in Write), this doesn’t work on my Microsoft Windows keyboard (on Windows 7 Pro).

Does anyone know of a way of activating this in such cases?

Along the same lines: I vaguely remember when some number pads contained the " = " symbol, but many now do not. Would creating a second key command for sharp (ie, second to the default use of " = " on the keyboard, not the number pad) interfere with the normal use of the default " = " key?

Thanks, in advance, for any tips!

Last time I had to use a Windows keyboard, there was a NumPad button that toggled on and off, with a little light. When it was on, the Numpad worked. I’m not sure what the point of the alternate status was.

Mind you, this was back in the mesolithic era.

Thanks, benwiggy. Mine has the NumPad button, too, but nothing on the pad has any key command function, either way.

Sorry! Yes, of course, the web server won’t be running if Dorico’s not up.

(Dorico is always running here!)

Usually the keys on the numpad are unique, for instance the + on the numpad shows up as Num+ in the key commands dialogue. So my bet is that it would not interfere (I have numpadEnter set to tie, and that does not affect the qwertyEnter). But with separate USB numpads this is not always the case – I had one that sent the “normal” characters so to speak.

As for activating, the only thing necessary should be to make sure the NumLock is set, and that you have programmed the numpad keys with the durations you want (Key Commands dialogue). This was btw one of the first things I customized when I started with Dorico.

Thanks, LAE!

pianoleo kindly expanded the principle you’ve just shared by answering a related (but separate) thread I’d posted: