Numbered bar region, layout specific

Numbered bar regions are very helpful for players. But in a conductor score they are rather counterproductive because the conductor has always to memorize or to turn page back in order to see what the player has to play, especially when it comes to multiple patterns (minimal music).
I could not find an option to leave numbered bar regions to single players only, neither in layout options nor in the properties (local).
Unless I missed something there, this would be an item for my wish list.

You can indeed hide numbered bar regions on a per-layout basis, see the link below

I think @gizn was referring to bar repeats…?

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No, I don’t think they were.

I beg to differ…

clearly refers to bar repeats.

Sorry, I meant bar repeats. I was confused by the mixed German-English version of Dorico 4.2, concerning this item. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
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Here the music example. How can I show the conductor what the triangle is going to play?

Short answer is you can’t, not without a workaround. I brought this up yesterday as it’s on my wishlist for Dorico 5. (Request #17 here)

Longer answer is that once you are done writing/inputting you can do this by doubling the entire player, then use one player for the score layout and the other player for the part layout. Make each player look correct in the layouts to which they are assigned. It’s a pain, and if there are edits/revisions after rehearsal then you are stuck making the edits in two different places, but at least it can be done with a workaround.

Thanks Fred for the longer answer and for putting this issue on your wishlist. Your suggested workaround would still not be satisfying since Dorico will name the duplicated triangle player “triangle(2)”, even if I create a different percussion instrument, for example Bongo, and name it triangle. Having said that the only solution seems to me to duplicate the whole project. :sleepy:

Dorico only numbers players sequentially within the same Group in Setup. Just put the duplicated player in its own Group and the staff labeling will be the same.

Oh, thanks a lot for this advice.

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