Numbered Bar Region prevents staff from being hidden in Full Score

I noticed that a “Numbered Bar Region” prevents the player’s staff from being hidden in the “Full Score” layout page view. “Show bar count in numbered bar regions” is disabled in “Layout Options”.

Here’s an example:

Numberd bar region prevents hiding staff in score layout.dorico (1.4 MB)

There are three flows: Flow 1 shows the issue. Flow 2 demonstrates that the numberd bar region is the culprit. Flow 3 provides a rather inconvenient workaround.

I would prefer if numbered bar regions would not prevent the staff from being hidden in Full Score. Is there an option that I’ve overlooked?

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for taking the time to produce a clear example. You’re not missing anything at the moment: you’d need to use a manual staff visibility change to hide this staff as things stand. But I agree this is something that we should address in future, and I’ve made a note so we can take care of it in due course.