Numbered Bar Regions - Not Sticking

I have gone through all the steps to create numbered bar regions for repeated bars (such as holding a single note for six measures). It has been set up in the engraving options, but although the little orange dots appear, as soon as I click out of the region the region vanishes like it never existed. It still has not shown any bar numbers at all - is there another place I should be looking?

Have you checked this out?

The regions won’t display unless the Layout has that setting enabled.

That’s the trouble. They are enabled but the parts do not display them (not the score—it shouldn’t.)

Upload the project (or a cut down version) and we can check the settings.

Yes, follow the advice from @Janus.

I have no idea what I did other than install the notation express software (which I
am not using yet)…but the problem has vanished and everything works the way it should. At any rate I appreciate the assistance and thank you all who responded.