Numbered versions, same project

I haven’t seen this before for some reason. I have project XXX. Ok. Then all of a sudden after working a while on XXX, I look at the Window menu atop the screen and I see XXX, XXX-1, XXX-2 etc. The differences aren’t obvious to me, but I didn’t try too hard. Not extra flows. Extra whole new projects. What’s this about? What does it mean?

These are hopefully just separate Dorico windows for the same project. Are you running Write mode in one window and (e.g.) Play mode in another window?

That’s so great - I did not know you can open multiple windows! Thanks. Yet another great Dorico feature.

I better read the manual more completely!

Not only that, but you can split a window horizontally or vertically. View the score in one half and a part in the other.

That is a nice feature.
Next question is, if I change something in no. 2, does it also change no. 1? In other words, are they always in the same state as one another no matter what? Did you guys really think of Everything, or did you purposely leave something out?

It’s exactly the same working file, just in two (or more) windows - it certainly should update in both places simultaneously.

(Reminder: I’m merely a user!)