Numbering Condensed Instruments: vertical vs. horizontal

Have I missed a command to make the instrument numbers of condensed instruments consistent?
It there a way to arrange the numbers of the French Horn 3 & 4 line the same (vertical) as those of the French Horn 1 & 2?
For some reason they are the same in some layouts but different in others. (cf. Landscape Full Score vs. Full Score)

condensingNumbers.png (698 KB)

It’s “hidden” in Engraving Options / Staff Labels / Player numbers for condensed players.

It’s not where you might expect it to be, in a section named “Condensing” :slight_smile:

And there should be a Hoffnung cartoon about “condensed players” …

Got it. Many thanks, Rob.
Not only is it not listed under condensing; it’s not a layout option either. :confused:
But as long as it exists…

Long live Hoffnung.