Numbering for one-bar repeats

I’m aware that functionality for one-bar repeats isn’t implemented yet but I’d like to add a suggestion in case this isn’t being considered already: it would be awesome if there would be an automatic numbering for multiple subsequent one-bar repeats, so that the player (e. g. a drummer) doesn’t get lost when reading a whole page of repeat bars. So, above each repeat bar a small number would be shown, starting at an arbitrary number (chosen by the user), and optionally these can be hidden individually since in some parts a number would only be shown each eighth bar.

Thanks for the great work so far.

I’d like more control than that, actually, just as I’d like more control with how multirests are split. Let’s say you have 8 bar phrase lengths but someone starts a repeating pattern (or a rest) in bar 7.

In this situation I’d want the option of showing a two bar multirest and then an eight bar multirest. I’d also want the option of numbering 1212345678 or possibly showing a 2 above the second bar and a 10 above the tenth bar (which is bar 16).

Thinking as a player, it’s about reducing those instances when you catch a colleague mouthing the rests they have and they’re on six when you’re on eight.

+1 for flexible multirests.
I’m happy with F.'s method of selecting bars and creating a multirest, although for a lot of cases a ‘break’ flag on a barline through the popover could be quicker.

Yeah, of course much more variation could be conceived. My point was to bring this up so that the developers are aware of it. I understand that not everyone knows of little intricacies in every musical genre. In classical music such repeats are used much less frequently than in pop or military music or concert bands. I’m coming from Finale (2014) and while one-bar repeats are fairly simple there, numbering them is a PITA (as is writing drumset notation).

Writing for drumset in Dorico is super smooth, and I’m wishing that adding repeating measures will be as well.

Are we talking about repeats or multi-measure rests here? This thread seems to have gotten a little mixed.

I’m talking about repeats. The ones that look like “percent”:

Sorry Derrek. I meant that the issue applies to both rests and repeat bars.

If you have 8 bar phrase lengths but somebody starts a pattern on bar 6, I’d want the option of numbering above those bars 1212345678 or showing repetition numbers on the 2nd and 10th bars, on account of the fact that reading the number 8 when the rest of the group are 6 bars into a phrase can be confusing and disorientating!