Numbering / Labeling Staves of Flows for Exercises

Is there a way to have Dorico label staves by flows? For example, 1., 2., etc. as in the case of method books. In the attached example, I added the “1.” text while in Engrave mode to the first flow (stave) and positioned it manually. Is there a better way? The attached example is using 3 flows to achieve the 3 staves. Also, if manual entry is the only way, it would be helpful to (eventually) have common graphical elements, including text, have the ability to vertically and horzontally align either by selecting an alignment choice button, or by the use of alignment guides OR have the software automatically position such elements but give the user the flexibility to tweak.

Big +1 for the ability to attach heading texts automatically to flows. I can’t say how much time this could save!

There’s no good way to automatically label flows at the moment, but this is of course in the plans.