Numbering lines of piano music

I suspect this is really simple and I’m overlooking the solution, but I promise I’ve tried!

I’m writing some simple 4 bar exercises for piano students. Each exercise is on one line and I’m putting six lines (Ie flows) on each page. I want to number each line ( in the place the instrument would go, ie before the bracket. ) so I can direct students (from 2 metres away!) to “Sight read no 4” etc.,etc.

I’ve tried editing the player info in setup but that changes them all. Is there an option to turn that off, or am I overlooking a simpler solution?!\

If all else fails I will print and number them with my fountain pen, but that’s cheating!:crazy_face:

There are a few different ways of doing it but no native functionality. See this thread.

You could load PDFs of each page into a DTP app, and add the numbers there.