Numbers at the beginning of a stave

Is there a way to create the numbers at a beginning of a stave like this example (the beginning of each choral):

If each Choral is a new flow, (the easiest way) you can add the Token {@FlowNumber@} at that place, after inserting here a Text-Frame. If the text-Frame has the hight of the 2 systems, than the number is in the middle.

Thank you. But is there an automatic/global way to achieve that resault or do I need to do these steps manually for each choral?

I’m not sure, I’ll try to find it out myself

You can create for each Choral a instrument and change the instrument name.

Probably you can use one instrument for 3 chorals: Full name, abrev. Name, Player Name.

Or just use a staff text and put it in place.

You can put a Text-Flow in the PAge Layout with that token, Would have to try out the right position
of course: only when each choral starts in a new flow. I just tried it out.

I’m not sure I understood. Can you specify the steps?
And what do I do in order to move the first system a bit to the right (and not manually every time)?

I’ve done it with flow headers. You have to adjust them individually because it is not possible to set a negative margin. If you just make the flow header bigger, it also pushes the stave
down. But maybe this is something. See appendix. I made the fullscore page like this.
Number before system.dorico (623.1 KB)

To the team. It would be useful (I think) if you could set a negative margin for the flow header.


You might want to explore “Indent first system of flow” in Layout Options > Staves and Systems.


this isn’t exactly what you wanted for the actual project,
but for a possible new project maybe you can use it.
As I already mentioned, insert a Text-Frame into the first template,
try out the right position, In the frame, you can add a token.
Of course, the indent of the first system should be set
(7 spaces, or so) .
so you don’t need any corrections by hand anymore.
This only works if a new flow starts at a new page.

I think I’ve heard of other users setting up a section player, then using a divisi change at the start of each flow to control the staff labelling (as you can edit division names at each divisi change).

If you add a division, then delete it, you can select the remaining division and change its associated staff labels.

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@Lillie_Harris That works great for single staff instruments. Not so much with grand staff.

You could either use a usually-single-staff instrument and use divisi, fixing up the brace and clefs manually.

Or have a separate grand staff player per movement, and just allocate them to each flow as required.

The point being: there are at least a few ways of achieving this without needing to have page-specific overrides with text frames, which won’t move if the music moves.

BlockquoteOr have a separate grand staff player per movement, and just allocate them to each flow as required.

I Think I would do that. You have to set up once a file and then everything moves along if you make edits. Is the same as Nukkel idea. You get something like this
Number before system-01.dorico (1.1 MB)

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Yeah, I think this is the fastest solution for now, thanks.

I am rather a beginner in Dorico. Could someone explain me how that works with the section players,
inserted -STEP BY STEP -. I downloaded the file, but don’t understand how it works.
many thanks

Have you watched any of the tutorial videos on the Resources page?

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum, aptly-named @newby ! (Although I imagine that will become a misnomer before long)

To use a different player for each flow, in a work where you want piece numbers shown to the left of a grand staff’s brace:

  1. On the left in Setup mode, add as many section players as you have pieces in the project (e.g. 10 pieces = 10 players), and give each player a grand staff instrument (e.g. piano)

  2. At the bottom in Setup mode, add as many flows as you have pieces (e.g. 10 pieces = 10 flows)

  3. Still at the bottom in Setup mode, select flows 2 to n (the second flow onwards) – e.g. click flow 2, then Shift-click the last flow

  4. Untick the first player in the left panel (to remove the first player from all the flows they won’t be used in)

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each player/flow combination (e.g. for player 2, remove them from flow 1 and flows 3 to n)

  6. Edit the name of each piano instrument so it’s just “1” for the first player, “2” for the second, “3” for the third etc

  7. Optionally, for the full score layout, allow flows on the same page as other flows if there’s still room available

  8. Switch to Write mode, and write or type in the music


Thank you so much Lilli. That really is Step by step.
I understood the issue with the Players, but the “section players” i did somehow misunderstand.
Can I also take single Players instead of section players? (I think, it would’t make any difference)

Thank you very much Derrek for the link.
I will do that and take time to watch the tutorials