Numbers for Repeated bars question

Hi community,

is it possible to have the music scanned by Dorico for repeated patterns an then showing for examples: 1 (-12) 2 3 4 … centered above the bars?
Or do it have to do this manually via text-tool?

At the moment there’s no automatic way to do this. I think in the future, rather than having a tool to detect exact repetitions (since I think it’s a bit of a fuzzy problem, or at least it’s highly likely it would exclude things that you consider exact repetitions but end up not being exactly the same in some subtle way), we will provide a tool a bit like the current slash/bar repeat region tools to create a region of numbered bars to address this requirement.

Could I second that please? I would find it extremely useful. I tried superimposing notes on a repeat bar section and then reducing the scale to the repeat bar marks (but not the numbers) in Engrave Mode but it didn’t work. The numbers also reduced in scale.