Numeric Display Toggle

This might seem a bit daft, but I’d really like it if there were an option to turn off the numeric display for faders and pan pots and the like in the mixer. I find myself obsessively making sure pan pots are at precicely zero, and zeroed faders are at exactly 0.00 and not -0.04 or anything like that. Obviously, having things exact down to the last decimal point can be usful, but mostly, for me at least, it’s not. I’m aware I could just ignore those decimal points and get on with it, but I do find it a distraction.

I’ve been using VCV Rack a lot lately, and have my midi controller patched into a mixer in there. I noticed I was getting on more with listening and not looking, and it occured to me that it was becuse none of the dials or faders were giving me any numeric feedback.

So, a toggle numeric feedback option would be great.

Not daft at all, really. I expect a lot of us obsess about exact center pan and the like. :slight_smile:

Edit: Although it just occurred to me that if the pan is exact center, a couple of multiplications might be skipped … hey, take care of the microseconds and the seconds take care of themselves.