Numeric Entry in MixConsole

Can somebody please confirm this for me? In the MixConsole, use tab and arrow keys to navigate to a Quick Control.

Then hit “enter”.

This brings up a numeric entry field. Try editing it.

I’m getting all kinds of wacky numbers after I hit return again…

I do see a problem- it appears that typing a new value into the Track Quick Control fields in the MC rack has no effect. The old value always remains.

I’m getting a change every time, except extraordinarily off for instance:

Was set at “0”
I enter “+1”
Now set at “-200”

Well it would also depend on what the QC is routed. Can you make a repro of a one specific error?

It’s on my to-do list.

Using any of the bundled VSTi’s with Quick Controls, numeric entry functions normal. Could not reproduce.

So I threw in a tiny and freely available “lazysnake” VSTi for testing.

  1. Download “lazysnake”
  2. Open empty project
  3. Add Instrument track with “lazysnake” VSTi
  4. Open MixConsole
  5. Enable quick controls in Racks view and Instruments as visible
  6. double-click one of the 8 quick fields and enter a number

You should not be able to enter the number you just typed.