Numeric input of Freq window

Is it possible when dragging a freq window to allow for typing or quantising the values? ie to whole integer?

Just to clarify what you mean. You’re talking about a way to select (based off of numerical values) USING KEYBOARD INPUT rather than selecting using only the mouse. Meaning the only way to make any selection is using the mouse input and you would like to make a selection using the keyboard input **TYPING WHOLE VALUES (in this case based off of frequency and amplitude values across a X and Y axis) **

If that is what you meant, then that is a good question. Maybe a feature could be added for typing values (right where the “time fade” and “freq fade” typing selections are).

@Aurasphere Do an approximate rectangular selection first.
Then display the time and frequency range of that selection in the Display panel by checking Selection Time Range and Selection Frequency Range:

You should then be able to edit the selection range in the Display panel directly.

Brilliant! Thanks

Ahhhh okay, I see. Thanks @Robin_Lobel I just now remembered this, but because I’m so used to mouse input it slipped my mind. However now that we’re discussing this, I believe this feature would be more INTUITIVE if it was placed next to the “time fade” and “freq fade” inputs.