Numeric keypad produces sound on OSX

I am having the weirdest problem.

I have connected a numeric keypad to my Macbook Pro and I am trying to control the Cubase transport with it.
Problem is whenever I press 0 to stop or + to move forward, and anything except for the Enter key in general, my Macbook produces a system sound through its speakers, although I run Cubase with my RME UFX. Switching to another program like Firefox for example the numeric keypad works as it should. It also seems to control Cubase 6 correctly.

Is there something obvious that I am missing? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Disable system sounds? Sure it isn’t triggering a VSTi via a remote device, or the like?

Thanks for the reply,

I just tried a Logitech keyboard and it worked fine.
It seems that my Logitech N305 Wireless numeric keypad has compatibility issues on Mac OSX…