Nvidia drivers and cubase 12

Please do not tell me i am going off subject as i think this could be important.
My Cubase 12 is running quite well at the moment, but the performance meters have a lot to be desired .
I am running windows 11.

I have an Intel core I7- 7800 xCPU@3.5Ghz 3504 Mhz 6 core.
If i check my driver for the Nvidia graphic card it is-----------
Nvidia GForce GT1030 -Game driver 30.15.1179 Win 10
There is not a Studio driver for this graphic card.

The thing is when i go to device Manager and update driver, it tells me that i have the best driver available and my system is running well and the colours are vivid and great.
Well, a month ago i went to Nividia site and checked on my drivers and it said that March 22nd a new driver for my graphic card is available.
I then proceeded to download and run this new driver for Windows 11 ,grapic card version 512.15.
Once loaded something seemed wrong as i could not get the colours to look real anymore.
Everything looked washed out. For example the yellow’s were more like a washed out dirty pale orangey yellow.
When i restarted my machine i got a welcome screen and then a total blackout for 5 seconds and then the desktop appeared.
This happened everytime and i am wondering if this may be some kind of reasoning that others are getting strange graphics and things going missing and re-appearing.
In my frustrations i managed to roll back the update driver through CC Cleaner.
I never touch the registry with this program though. Only for cleaning trash and driver updates.
After this i had problems with Cubase 12 with the stuck on video, chord pads, etc and had crashes.
I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 11 and kept the older graphic driver and after the new update things are running well at the moment.
I am scared to put the new driver from Nvidia back in as it is meant for Windows 11.
It could be back to huge problems again and washed out colours and happenings.
I am also wondering if this is a Microsoft problem and not an Nvidia problem.
I have supplied all information that i can here and has anyone else come accross my problem ??
Can anyone tell me why i cannot use the Nvidia latest graphic driver.
Another thing i had recently is that the Nvidia Control Centre flicked when i clicked on it and nothing happened , and when i restarted the machine it was ok.
Maybe that is just computers and what they sometimes do.
So Do i chance putting the latest driver back, hoping that the Windows 11 updates has got something in there that was missing, or has Nvidia got an update problem?

Well, that is all for now

all the Best

I managed today update the Graphic driver after downloading separately.
Shut down Norton and all background programs and it loaded sucessfully.
When i restarted the machine , blue screen kept coming up.
Something about stop code.
This happenned every time i re- started.
I did the 5 second start after reading about it and after that all is now ok and now all colours are just as sharp or a little better than before.
Cubase still stable and still performance meters do max out on certain sounds even when the CPU is showing low. Other than that all ok.

Why are you running Norton? What other background things are you running? The less the better for real-time audio.

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Why are you obsessed with updating the Nvidia drivers when you say the first one worked fine ?
I’ve always gone with the rule if it aint broke don’t fix it, done that since the 90’s, as for Norton, I consider that a virus and wouldn’t let it near my systems.

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Use DDU to remove graphics drivers. Follow the instructions ( windows in safe mode etc )
Then either let windows install a driver or download latest from Nvidia.

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@JohnS When downloading drivers from Nvidia, make sure you pick the “Studio Drivers”.

I shut Norton off and internet when making music.
I have never had any problems with Norton
What would you all recommend when on the internet??
You have to guard against viruses when on the net , but i only use my music machine for downloads only ,then it gets shut down when off the net.

Hi Mlindeb

I have no choice than to update game drivers as there is not a Studio driver for GT1030.

All the best

Hi Paul
We are always told to get the latest graphic drivers for our machines.
This new driver now works a treat and it really has happened because of a new Windows 11 updates.
Before the colours were washed out and a black screen before desktop appeared.
That is all gone now.
The 1030 grapic card only has game drivers, no studio driver available.
Well , it all works great now and my I7 is now 4 years old.

If there is a ‘Nahimi Service’ running, disable it immediatly. It was the cause of my Nvidia nightmares.

From answers.microsoft.com:

NahimicServices.exe is a sound processing application usually installed by the computer manufacturer. It is somewhat similar to the Realtek Audio Console.

Sounds like it has no place in a DAW.

Yep, this thing is nearly a Malware for Cubase

I have no onboard sound devices in my machine ,i use Focusrite solely.
No Realtec