Nvidia G210 causing ASIO meter spikes

I built a new PC last week with the Asus P8Z77-PRO motherboard and Nvidia G210.

I’ve been having spikes on the ASIO VST meter (irregular but at least 10 per minute) that jump about 15%, and after removing/disabling pretty much everything have discovered it is infact the Nvidia drivers.

This is with no project loaded in Cubase (you can still see the meter even if you don’t load anything).

When I uninstall or even just disable the G210 in Windows, so that it uses “Standard VGA adapter” then the spikes go away. Of course, the screen res is bad then, so not really a workaround, but the G210 is very popular for DAW’s so I’m surprised by this.

For anyone using a G210, do you use a particular build of the driver, or particular settings in PhysX ?