nVidia Surround (1x3 - 5960x1080 Bezel Corrected) problems

Anyone out there using a triple monitor setup, trying to use nVidia surround with Cubase?
I’m on Cubase 8.0.10, Win 8.1

Details about my system specs can be found here:

When I configure nVidia’s drivers to span all 3 monitors using nVidia surround, I cannot get Cubase to work properly. Cubase launches, takes longer than normal to load, and the window flashes rapidly and constantly until I am greeted with the Quick Start screen. Once there, the screen seems to have settled, so I will typically pick one of my project templates. At this point in time, I get the screen flashing again, it appears as if the new project loads… but then disappears (as if it was closed). When I attempt to close the parent window however, I’m once again able to see the project window… so I know it didn’t force quit. It seems as if it’s just not rendering properly.

I don’t have this problem if I disable nVidia surround, and choose to “Activate all Displays”, however, I’d prefer to avoid this if I can.

Anyone have a resolution?
Should I file this as a bug?

Questions and comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance