O Danny Boy -- An Original Arrangement

A little something different…

This my own choral arrangement and recording of “O Danny Boy”. Currently working on a video for it. Here are some details:

It was made in Cubase 6.5 using a Sure SM27 Mic and a Steinberg MR816CSX Interface.
The arrangement was composed in Sibelius
I performed all the vocals.
I compressed the vocals on the way in via the MR816. No other compression was used other than some bus compression in the mastering phase.
The song is performed a capella.
Other plugins were minimal, only using Fabfilter’s Pro-Q and Pro-DS, (Fabfilter Pro-L, and Native Instruments Solid Bus Comp were used for mastering)
There are 24 independent vocal tracks plus a soloist (no copying, each track is a unique recording).
Syncing was accomplished with a conducting video that I made prior to recording.

A download of the 160KB mp3 is available for those who don’t want to suffer through soundcloud’s compression.


i love danny boy , allways brings tears to my eyes especially after a dwink , very nice when it kicks in at 0.35 ,is that your true voice or is it through variaudio cause i can hear things round the voice which sound as if it as been treated a bit ,i can see youve worked on this with care , the harmonies are spot on very nice. im a sucker for these old classics.

Thanks for listening, firestamper! It’s my voice. I’m a classically trained singer. I do use Variaudio on occasion, but I use it as little as possible (mostly for iffy onsets, or if I need to pitch down low notes that I can’t hit–like the low F at the end of the song). I don’t think that particular solo was treated at all, though.

You can check out some of my other soundcloud stuff for reference.

Wow you are a talented singer! Great harmonies and arrangement! Brings a nostalgic feeling. Michael

Beautiful work, you are right the download version sounds much better than Soundcloud, but either way its really excellent!

Wow, thats a great arrangement/recording !! You are clearly classically trained and that makes me regret never learning to sing lead.

i also started watching your Control Room videos on You Tube.

You are a clever and talented guy.

Yeah, great vocal technique and very nice arrangement. Well done.

Thank you all for listening and the comments. Very kind.

For anyone interested I also did a 30-ish minute podcast detailing some of the particulars about how the song was recorded, and the evolution of my production process for work like this using past examples.


Thanks again, all. Much appreciated.

i will defo check it out at some point. You have some really great ideas !!

Without meaning to jump topics here, will your Control Room video work with Cuase Artist 6 ?? i can’t work out if mine has these facilities or not (or perhaps they are named differently or in a differnt place) ?? Its a facility which i would like to be able to have onboard.


Thanks again for the nice compliments. :slight_smile:

Cubase Artist does not include the control room feature. Only the full version has it, so I’m afraid you’re out of luck unless you upgrade.

Wow…just fantastic…what a great voice you have and a beautiful arrangement…Kevin

Thanks for letting me know, i appreciate that. i may upgrade later this year then. Cheers.

This is just tremendous. Thanks for this post.

Thanks very much iluvstrats!

Listening on crappy speakers (laptop) … but this is just brilliant ! Really impressed with everything. And what a great voice you have … ! Three thumbs up !

(will listen again later on better speakers)

A beautiful vocal arrangement and delivery. Well done! :sunglasses: