O.T. Using yer DAW's kbrd. 'Touch Type' or 'Hunt and Peck'?

Aloha guys, just to waste a lil bandwidth

One might think that after soooo many years working at a DAW
eventually touch typing would be just learned. Or absorbed etc.
Like learning the ‘Blues’.

Well not for me. After all this time it is still hunt and peck.

How about you guys?
Has working with your DAW helped your typing skills at all?

TIA (thanks in advance)

(Maybe I should try that Mavis Beacon typing thang).

Hunt and Peck… Hahaha
I still Peck but don’t need to Hunt :slight_smile:

I’m still a young’un so I guess it was pretty easy for me to learn typing. My parents insisted on making me do a typing course when I was 14 or so. I’m really happy they did, I can now type without looking at the keyboard with all 10 fingers, which is the safest way to type without risk of RSI.

So it wasn’t the DAW work that taught me how to type. :wink:

Touch Typing was probably the most valuable course I took in high school. Although I’m rarely typing while in Cubase.

I wouldn’t say most valuable, in my case, but everyone thought I was odd as the only male to take typing in Highschool - and then the Home computer happened.

I don’t see using a DAW as being helpful to improve typing skills. With the DAW you aren’t really typing words very often, which is what typing really is… when words and phrases get typed without you actually thinking about each keystroke.

I don’t see where touch typing and using DAW software intersect. Most of my input into Cubase is with a mouse. Occasionally I use the keyboard for typing in names, descriptions or navigating. Sure I know how to touch type, but it doesn’t make my work with Cubase any faster.