O1v96i FX recording

Hi I hope someone can help as this is driving me crazy and I’ve searched all my manuals and online and can’t find the answer. I changed my old N12 FireWire (as FireWire seems to be obsolete on modern motherboards now) mixer to a Yamaha O1V96i as I got a fantastic deal on it. My problem is occasionally I would like to record my vocal take and print the desk reverb I’m using. I just can’t get the reverb to record with the vocal. I don’t know if it’s a patching thing I’m missing but I’ve read all the manuals on patching I just can’t get it to work.
The desk has some great FX with it and I’d like to be able to use them in my recordings
Anyone help greatly appreciated

And you are recording via?
ADAT Outs?
USB Out?
Slot out?

Hi, sorry I never got back sooner. I’m recording via USB So I have a nice reverb set up in the stereo out I hear as I’m singing and on occasion would like to record some takes using the desk reverbs.
My normal set up is the 16 Out to USB set up as direct out pre- eq. That’s how I normally record for max processing flexibility but I’ve tried everything I can think of it doesn’t record with the reverb.
I’ve not long moved from the N12 and it made everything easy - maybe too easy.
Thanks for the assistance

Notifications didn’t arrive I’d forgotten to update my email. I should receive them now.

Then you need to patch the FX returns to the USB streams, or use a group with the dry and the FX return signal grouped and patch that to two channels of the usb stream, or patch the main output to the USB stream. Whatever is possible with the desk. Seems you can patch any channel to the USB stream.

I have an older 01V96 and if I want to print the song with reverb I would send the signal through an Aux channel (look on mixer where it says “fader mode”. Normally, the aux’s are patched to the FX returns and the FX returns are patched to the stereo mix bus. You would just record the stereo out channel where you have that bused to. That would print what you hear in the headphones. If you want to print say one channel with reverb, say a vocal then send the out of the reverb channel to s pair of outs. Use the same reverb and same aux amount for both channels with the same levels. The desk is very flexible. In my case, I record each channel direct and the stereo buss if I need to.

I use a separate audio interface for the computer. You can use the stereo out’s direct to the computer. If you are on a Mac you will have to use some software like Loopback to route the stereo out of the mixer to the audio 1/2 that stuff like Zoom and OBS use.

I think you make a great choice with 01V96i.

Thank’s guy’s I’ll try these suggestions, need to wait a bit though. My next fire to put out is my Aircon in the studio just died - Not bad though it’s been running 24/7 for ten years. Unfortunately I can’t work without it as it’s a small garden studio and 20 min of the computer and equipment on and it’s 90°C
Yes I’m really glad I got the O1V96i when I built the studio it was the desk - well without the i - that I really wanted but it was way out my price range. But after my latest computer upgrade and the disappearance of FireWire from motherboards I had to part with my beloved N12. Then I found Guitar Guitar were doing a deal on the O1V96i for £1000. I see most places are still at £1700 so I got a great deal.
Just need to get my head around all this patching now.
Thanks again for your help