Oberheim Matrix 1000 locks up

I am having problems editing my Oberheim Matrix 1000 using the device manager in Cubase 9.5.
I have had the Matrix 1000 checked out and it seems to be working properly and when I use Logic pro X to edit it it works fine.
When I use the synth with Cubase, it works for a while then freezes up and I get a stuck note. When the synth is working the device manager editor does not work.
I have tried using different MIDI interfaces but this did not work. I can edit my other hardware synths fine with device manager but not the Matrix 1000.
Could you please help ?
Thank you for your time.

What matrix os are you using?
I think you know that anything older then the custom 1.16 will be a pita to use.

My 1000s are working perfect. So it is probly just midi timing or stressing out the slow os. The old os is getting way more midi messages then it can handle. That is some of the custom fixes done to the os, so a lot of the messages that are cued, get deleted to ease the slow processor.
On older os, it is critical to slowdown the midi traffic and try to not play and edit at same time. It is quickly overload for some settings.
And make shure the bank lock is off.

Are you using your own editor, or using some one else editor setup?

I have 1.16 chip installed and I am using my own editor.