Object Selection > Sizing Applies Time Stretch

Hi there,

I was searching quite a bit here on the forum and on the web in general but didn’t really find any answer to my question.

Cubase (I’m on 8.5 Pro) offers a “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” mode for the Object Selection inside the Key Editor. Maybe I am missing something, but I do not really see it is doing anything different from the usual selection method.

I was hoping I could use it to modify not only the note lengths but also the underlying media CC data, i.e. that the CC data will be stretched as I change the length of a note.

When reading the manual I got the impression this is supposed to work just the way I would like it to do. Yet, all it does is to resize a single note, or when selecting multiple ones it modifies the length of each note individually. It does not seem to affect the Midi CC data at all. It also does not stretch a selection of notes by holding them together in any way…

Has anybody else here used this function successfully?



It stretches the Note Expression data, not the Controllers from the controller lanes.

Thanks, Martin for the clarification.

Too bad… would be really useful if it would modify the CCs as well.

When I record MIDI CC changes via my breath controller this would really help a lot.