Objects and LFE

Currently, there is no way to feed information from an object to the LFE. No direct send from the VST Panner. Creating a send in the channel will not send information to the Bed. Creating an fx track to feed LFE directly does not work either. For example, In a project with 50 objects, it is not feasible/practical to duplicate and HPF all tracks just to send to Bed to get LFE.
It seems the communication chain is broken. Sends and direct routing are not able to work around the limitation.
I understand, in the film, world, that bass management is expected to handle. However, in the music only releases, it is essential to be able to get low frequency energy of objects to the LFE.

Nuendo 10.3 allows for a track designated as an object to send to LFE. Why not N11?

Agreed that it MUST BE! Making work with movies I still feel the lack of smart routing of signal through VST multipanner including LFE. Though I found a workaround with using meldaproduction MChannelMatrix free plugin. Very useful in case you want very unusual routing of input and output track channels. Hope this could be of some help.

Thanks. I have to go back to 10.3 for my Atmos work. Way too many problems and dealbreakers for me to use 11 for work.

Another example, I have to deliver masters in multiple formats. If I receive a Sony360RA file for mastering and subsequent delivery of Atmos, there is no LFE in 360RA, so I need to feed (send) the Atmos LFE that does not have a corresponding 360RA signal. Again, dealbreaker.

I have also posted that with an import of ADM files into N11, if the positional metadata changes (on purpose), those changes are not reflected in the newly rendered ADM. I can’t believe that anyone using N11, and making those changes for clients and delivering masters, do not check to see if the capture is the same as the intended.
The previous version (10.x) had the Left and Right swapped in the height channels and no-one noticed. Before being added to this group this list, I was able to make a few calls and that was fixed within 48 hours. This is much worse, and months into N11.

Thanks McSound. All the best.