Objects Selection in the Range

Hi, I am working on a project with many MIDI events (objects) separately laying on tracks, just like most of the projects, but a lot, one track contains probably 50-80 objects. The question is that How could I select the range of events (objects) after certain one? For example: I just want to select all the objects after #25 (on same track) with one select click (probably need some key combo) and objects #1-#24 not being selected.



Shift + double-click to the very 1st MIDI Part, you want to select from.

Thank you very much, it works well !

BTW, I forget including another selection question in previous posting.

How could I click with key combo to select certain range of the objects (events) on the same track? such as: selecting event #25 to #38, first click event #25, then in what key combo I can click #38 and all the events between are selected.

Thanks in advance!!!


Choose the Range Selection Tool. Click bar #25. Hold down Shift or Ctrl/Cmd and click bar #38. The Range Selection is set from bar #25 to #38 now.

I tried with Range Selection Tool and Hold Down Shift key + double click, it works perfectly. With the single click, it only selects the range of mouse point positions.

Thank you very very much, it’s big help!!!