Oboe goes automatically between Piccolo and Flutes!

I’m making my first homemade template, orchestra in this case. I added the piccolo, then two flutes, then oboe, but the oboe has positioned itself between the piccolo and the oboe. What’d I do wrong?

Hi @wescottrog this is of course not the expected behavior.

-Can you share a picture of your Setup view, with all the player showing their instruments? (click on the > before each player name ) Or better share here the template itself (Dorico file)

-You can also check the Sort Players settings (in the lower left part of the Setup view) :

-And also check if you made some changes in the Instrument Score Orders:

Here’s the file:
Template in Progress.dorico (621.5 KB)

I am not sure if you changed anything before you upload but you have Sort Players set to None and that is correct.

Now, you just need to drag the Players into the desired order in the left zone of Setup mode.

Sort Players is set to Orchestral.

When I looked it was set to None although I haven’t had a coffee yet today.

Thank you @wescottrog
you have something strange going on.

-in menu Library → Instruments you have some duplicates that are named oddly
-I tried to delete your players and create again: the order is what you said (with the oboe jumping up even with the Orchestral sorting): this should not be

not sure…I will search more.

Of course the suggestion of @DanielMuzMurray is a solution for the moment.

Did you made some changes in the instrument definitions and instrument families?

On mine it was set to Orchestral. Then I dragged the instrument order to correct it, and then it was set to None.

I’m going to start over. Thanks for the tips!

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Ahhh maybe that’s what happened to me. I don’t recall checking the status before dragging. FWIW I only ever use None. Once I have my template I almost never change the score order.

If I made any changes they were inadvertent. I based the “new instruments” off a copy of the already existing ones, and the only thing I changed was the name, to put all the flute types, oboe types, et cetera, where they will be grouped together in the list.

I’m going to delete those and start over.

Thanks for the tips!


Go into menu Library → Instrument Score Orders click on Orchestral and click on the circular arrow to revert your changes to default, for each Family. [EDIT: you dont need to make it for ech family,just once for Jazz, once for Band and once for Orchestral, so ignore point 3. in my picture ]
This should correct the order:

Then you would need to take care of the duplicates in the instrument definitions…

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