Obscure Transposing Instruments

I’m new to Dorico having just migrated from Sibelius. I’m having difficulties with some less used instruments. I get the normal transposed instruments to work ok but I often transcribe scores which have instruments with odd transpositions. The score I am currently working on has parts for trumpet in A basso, B(H) basso and clarinet in E. I frequently come across clarinet in G parts as it is a staple of Viennese Schrammelmusik. Am I missing something? I’m still very much on a learning curve. I know a full blown instrument editor is not an easy thing to make but I’d have thought a full range of relatively normal instrument transpositions ought to be possible. I’m not expecting the sounds to be right. I could do this in Sibelius. About the only thing I have found that is better in Sibelius!

Welcome to the forum @gord_junk !

If you’re using Dorico Pro 4, what you can do is use clef and transposition overrides to change the transposition of selected instruments in the required layouts. This feature is particularly useful for pieces for wind band, say, where the same part might be played by a variety of different instruments, each with a different transposition. But you could absolutely use it for your situation too.

(Appropriate start time hopefully embedded in the below video to take you right to the intro for clef/transposition overrides)

If you have, or are interested in, Dorico 5, there’s a new feature called the instrument editor, where you can set up all the parameters of new instruments as you require.

Thank you. As usual it’s just not where I’d looked for it. I was sure it would have to be somewhere.