Observation on mixer and compressor

I noticed that the default mixer offers both a compressor and a reverb, is there a way to prevent the compressor from being loaded by default? I ask it mainly because I thought I had a sound problem with some vst, when in reality by disabling it, the overall sound improved considerably.

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I very much support this suggestion. Every time I start writing, the first thing I do is turn off the compressor and reverb.


I noticed that there is a big difference, since I realized it the sounds in general have improved a lot. I 'm not saying with this that 's an effect not to use, but if you are not very experienced in using it it is better to disable it, same goes for the reverb. :man_shrugging:

yes it’s annoying, reverb too !..be much better clean



Same here. Other reverbs sound much better and some libraries do not sound well with reverb (e.g. the BBCSO). First thing I replace compressor by maximizer and add my favorite reverb, turning off
the default one.
Obviously, one can prepare a standard setup where these things are already sorted.

Thanks for the feedback. The trouble is that we don’t know how big your ensemble is going to be when you start your project, and how adept you are at managing levels etc., so it’s designed as a kind of safety net so that you don’t rapidly arrive at a harsh, clipping mess after adding a few instruments (this is the same reason why the faders are at -6dB by default).

We’ll certainly think about adding some options for this.