Occasional Channel Settings GUI distortion

On occasion, my channel settings panel looks like this. It distorts an insane amount, cramming the the EQ into such a small, unusable segment. This has been an issue in previous versions as well I believe, but it seems to happen more frequently for me. Also, I used to be able to resize the panel and then re-open it and it would usually come back up fixed, but I can’t do that now.

I’m on windows 10, using Cubase 10, with the latest update.

I have this same problem on mac. And the only way to solve this is reseting preferences! So annoying!

Oh that fixes it? Is there a specific preference that you reset, or do you just have to reset everything back to defaults or something?

I just re-opened my project and it’s even worse now… it just keeps getting progressively worse, and I have no way to drag and resize the segments…

Like… the whole EQ section is completely covered. I can’t even see it now! aaaaaa

I don’t know the correct path on windows, i’m on mac, but for me it’s "/users/myUser/Library/preferences/Cubase 10
Just delete the “Defaults.xml” file inside this folder.

After that, you will have to setup your preferences again. I just setted all my preferences again ( i saved a prefs. file) and then created a backup of a Working Defaults.xml file, and now, everytime this thing happens, I overwrite the bugged defaults.xml

I hope they fix this soon.

Oh dang, that sounds like a lot of work each time to fix this…

which sucks because this seems to be happening more and more to me now!! aaaa

Okay I found out more details on this bug. I’ve found some pattern to it, although I’m not sure if the pattern I found has always existed with this bug.

For this bug, it seems it only happens on some projects; I’m not sure if it’s because of some of the plugins I have or the number of tracks, etc… but it doesn’t happen on 100% of projects, so it’s a bit inconsistent.

But for the projects it happens on, it seems that the channel settings window gets stretched each time I load the project. This seems to go on forever. However, if I close and re-open the channel settings window a few times it will reset back to it’s original state and will stay normal until I re-open the project again and the cycle starts over. But it seems I can only reset it back to normal after the EQ section has been completely hidden from all the stretching/distortion.


Actually, nevermind. The pattern seems to have stopped… I can’t replicate it with the same project… now, it’s just stuck on the same stretched size no matter how many times I open and close the project… so… there was a pattern for a little bit, but the pattern is gone, and I’m not sure what triggers that pattern or what makes the pattern stop…

Oh hey Steinberg! Actually I just saw the update released on Feb 6th. I think I was actually using the update that was released before that one. I’ll install this update and let you know if it’s fixed the issue, but I have a feeling it won’t.

Okay, I’ve downloaded/installed the update and the problem is still there.