Occasional Condensing Problem

This happens at several places in my score. I have no idea why the condensing does not work at these points. I’ve reviewed “Condensing Changes” in the manual but am thoroughly lost. The only instruments in my score that are condensed are the Horns. The top image is uncondensed, the bottom is condensed. All help and info appreciated.

We’d have to see the Dorico score to be able to help you. Much depends on how you set things up in the background and whether there might be a slight distinction in one of the horn parts.

@Derrek - I messaged you.

Thanks @Derrek . I messaged Lillie with a link. File was too large to attach.

I’ve replied to Reber’s private message, but I wouldn’t mind just taking the opportunity to say here also where anyone interested can read it: sending me files and/or questions in private messages about public threads I haven’t yet participated in, especially on a bank holiday weekend in the UK, could be seen as a touch presumptive :wink:


@Lillie_Harris - Apologies for the Holiday post. I was just not thinking. Thanks very much for your reply.