Occasional double thin barlines in repeats

I’m making an exercise book for piano and I want to use double thin barlines in repeats, but when I change this in engraving options, the final barline becomes also double thin. But I want the final barline of each exercise to be double, first thin followed by a thick line. When clicking the barline and see the properties panel to see if I can change something there, then only ‘time signatures’ and ‘common’ shows up in properties.
Is there a way to change the properties of individual repetition barlines and final barlines so I can use different properties in the same project?


If you use a separate flow for each exercise than each final barline will genuinely be a final barline rather than a startrepeat barline that happens to coincide with a system break.

There’s a Layout Option to start flows on the existing page rather than on a new page, and Flow Headings can be hidden (globally, also from Layout Options) or changed midway through a layout.

Thanks for your reply.

I use different flows for every exercise. In notation options I choose for ‘automatic barline at end of flow’ the final barline (the thick one that we mostly see in scores) and in engraving options I choose for repeats the double thin barline. The result is: what you say is true for as long the last barline of the flow isn’t a start repeat barline I get a thick last barline, but if the last barline of a flow is a startrepeat barline the result is a double thin start repeat barline at the end of the flow. Which results in that some flows end with a thick barline and other flows with a double thin startrepeat. And I like at the end of the flow a thick startrepeat (not a double thin startrepeat).

I can’t quite picture how the final barline of a flow could be a start repeat barline, but are you able to get the result you want by showing the caret at the position of the end of the flow and typing “final” into the Shift+B popover?

I meant an end repeat barline (in my mind it tells ‘start to repeat’ thus the confusion). When I do that, typing ‘final’ in the popover, the end repeat disappears and changes into a normal final barline. I want a normal final barline with the two dots indicating a repeat and it doesn’t, the best I can do is accept the ‘double thin end repeat barline’ at the end of the flow or change the engraving options to all repeat barlines with a thick line.

See the attachments for the different situations that happen when in engraving options I choose for repeats the double thin barline.

Why my attachments open so dark?

A. I don’t think what you’re requesting is currently possible.
B. Colour PNG graphic slices export as transparent. Some browsers put a white background behind transparent images; other browsers put a dark grey background behind transparent images.

Thanks for your reply. So I don’t have to search more for a solution.
But it would be nice to have an option that one can choose ‘double thin repeat barlines’ in engraving options and at the same time make the option to make the final barline (in case it is an end repeat barline closing a flow) appears thick with the repeat dots. Or that one can change that in the properties panel in writing mode when clicking on the barline concerned. Because as it is now the double thin repeat barline option is unusable. Maybe for the next update?

If you really need a final barline with two repeat dots, you can add one bar after the last bar. Enter one note, scale it down to 1% (make it invisible). Then shorten this bar in Engrave Mode so that the last repeat barline and the final barline overlap.

[Edit:] You don’t even have to enter a note in the extra bar. You can scale down the bar rests.


Thanks! I tried and it works, but it is quite a work around, particularly if you have many flows to do so.

Still I think that it should be possible to change the properties of a barline at an occasion needed, because it is quite common to use different options in different situations in the same project. So that is something to think of in a next update. And it would be good if I could change in engraving options certain settings for one particular flow. Now I see it is only possible for notation options.

Perhaps you would find it easier to set your engraver settings to thin and then use the vertical line tool to add a thick line to each section at the very end.

This I don’t know how to do that. I created a thick vertical line, but how to attach that to the final barline?

Apply it.
Extend it.
Go to Engrave Mode
Move it into place.


Thanks! This work around is easier than creating an extra bar and minimalize it.

Another option:
Create a playing technique with the repeat dots. Enter this new created playing technique a sixteenth before the final barline. In engrave mode put the dots exactly where you want them (just once). In write mode select the dots and alt click to copy them where needed.

This works as a charm! I quickly could do this over my whole project. Depending on the length of the bar I sometimes put the dots a 16th and other times a 32th before the final barline. Thanks for your clear instructions.