Occasional glitch

Windows 10, latest Cubase 9, Fireface 800. i7, 24Gb RAM, samples mostly on SSD.

I typically make quite small projects, maybe 6 VSTi tracks and a couple of audio tracks. When I’ve been working on it for a bit, there’ll be a playback glitch. Not a click, pop or anything else audible, just like the tape stopped for maybe 100ms. Usually just once, midway in the song. It’s not repeatable.

Anyone else get this? Any ideas? This isn’t a new problem. It’s been happening since several Cubase versions back. I’ve asked before but learnt little of use.


A tough one for sure. Some thoughts…

Wondering if you can you associate this with a certain VSTi that might be only playing on a track that starts in the middle of a project?

Also… have you given Cubase enough time to get things in order (initialized) before you start playing the offending projects?

A while back I noticed a similar delay that would happen when a VSTi track(s) first stared playing. It would only do it the first time I played a project. Never on subsequent opened projects. Since then (and not because of that concern) I have changed my audio interface and I have not noticed this issue since. The new audio interface connects through USB3. My older interface had a firewire connection.

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Thanks, but that’s not it. Doesn’t happen on the first pass, or where an instrument enters.

Have you installed and selected the windows legacy fw driver?

I guess that could be worth a try. Thanks. Have you found current problems with the TI driver on Windows 10?

I’m still at C8.5, but I have an RME interface and Win10. I wonder if your problem has anything to do with background processes in W10. It sounds like your DAW was briefly suspended from operating. The OS doesn’t seem to appreciate the real-time needs of a DAW, so it feels fine about going out on the internet to check stock prices and basketball scores. I’m talking about “Live Tiles”. You’ve got to disable them, and any unnecessary services running in the background. If you have done that already and were running 8.5 previously without a problem, then I’d suspect C9.

Thanks. It happened on 8.5 too. Internet is routinely disabled during a Cubase session, though when I’ve forgotton to do this it seems to make no difference!

You may be having a pagefault. Run Latency Monitor and see what program or service is causing the issue.