Occasional Inserts greyed out

When I reopen a project in 6.5.4 sometimes there is an insert that is greyed out and I cannot enable it.

At first I thought it was down to IKM’s dodgy authorisation manager but now it’s doing it with my waves plugins too.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?

Disable - or even better: Read up and learn the background on the “constrain delay compensation” function.

So you mean when PDC is turned on or off, plug-ins are disabled ? Well certain ones. Ones with or without latency ?

Is it all explained in the manual ?

Thanks for your help.

PDC is not turned off, but constrained

certain ones, lying above the set threshold, and depending on where in the signal path they are.

Yes, it is.
If you still have questions, after (really) reading the manual, ask again.

If you only want to disable it, without learning anything about it - it´s the button that looks like a clock top left in the toolbar (that way, you can see if it is really the problem - until now it´s just a guess).

Thanks, it was disabled as I was recording in some MIDI, I must have forgotten to turn it back on.

I just didn’t know it disabled plug-ins that went over a certain latency :slight_smile:

It also depends on what type of channel the plugin is on.

I think they are all on group channels. Maybe some on the instrument itself, I can’t remember offhand.