Occasional latency on playback

I’ve just started using Cubase Elements 6.02 (on MacBook Pro) and generally everything seems to be running smoothly. However, I occasionally experience excessive latency on specific tracks during playback. I can resolve the problem by rebooting, but this is pretty frustrating. Any ideas?

Hi cjloud,

Have you tried different buffer size settings? (Devices->Device Setup->VST Audio System)

Has this happened on all projects you’ve worked with?
Any common denominator like plug-ins/VSTis?
What interface (if any) are you using?

My best bet is you’ve got a plug-in that’s messing with you but could be just about anything really.


Since it is resolved when you reboot it may not be VSTi issue. can you please post your Macs specs/your/plugs used when you have issue/and your sound card including buffer settings etc?

Have you monitored your system you can use Xmonitor or activity monitor. applications>utilities>activity monitor