Ocean Floor featuring Gianna Jessen and Freddy Holm

This is a song that was originally done with keys and guitar. Freddy Holm the eastfoldpicker took it I think he killed it, so I took the keys off cause I really believe he was all it needed. Thanks Freddy, I Hope you enjoy it and are okay with my edits.

This just got picked up for movie called ‘Ocean Floor’ there is clip below that was filmed at my home. Not sure of the writer, but the vocals are by Gianna Jessen who is an inspirational speaker, and soulful singer.

The Song
The Movie Short

Hi Kenny,

This is a beautiful song! :sunglasses:

Gianna’s got a wonderful voice and Freddy did a great job on the guitars.
The mix sounds very good to me.

Great job!


It’s lovely. Great performances. The recording on SoundCloud has that sound of an mp3 with a bit rate that is too low, which I am having trouble describing in any other way. Don’t know if that is a SoundCloud problem, but it doesn’t sound right to me.