Oceanmaker Action/Animated Film

Been a while since I posted but I’m getting back into the game.
This was made in Cubase 9!

Here is a quck beat chart to follow the motifs.

Rainmaker motif.
This was used in half time as a recurring motif during most of the first half of the film at 00:54, 1:55, 2:34 and 3:44 on solo horn at 9:05 and on trumpets during the credits.

Pilot motif.
On flute at 1:31 but then its all over the place at 2:58, 3:20, 3:26 as a counter line to the Rainmaker motif, at 7:05 (where you pointed it out) and at 8:10 (going big).

Antagonist Motif is at 4:25 (the obvious rip off of the Kylo Ren theme from TFA:2thumbs:)


Hope you guys (and gals) like it.


Wow. You get the film, and you score it, right? Wow again. Your orchestra sounds really good, and your score fits the film really well. It’s entirely appropriate to the unfolding of the plot. Really well done. You are on your way.