Octava & Condensing: Feature request + bug report

The feature request is to allow for octava notation, and to see it reflected in a condensed score (even if it’s not the upper instrument), in particular if the upper instrument has rests (as in my example).
The attachment shows two horns, the upper horn has rests, the lower one has a low note with 8va ba notation (in the part, and in uncondensed write mode). It shows in the condensed score without the 8va, i.e. with a lot of ledger lines.

Trying to work around it, I created an “empty” 8va in the upper horn part. Now the condensed part shows the wrong pitch (this is the bug report). The file attached is in this state.

bugreport.dorico (555.1 KB)


Yes, it would be ideal for Dorico to be smarter about its approach to octave lines when condensing, and to consider not only whether both instruments have identical octave lines (which is the easy case), but what to do if they don’t (as you have found, at the moment that means no octave line makes it through to the condensed music).

Thanks. One option would be to have a slide in the Condensing Override to nominate a different instrument as the “lead instrument” from which parameters are taken. But it won’t cover all situations of course. Or an option to change the clef(/8va) as part of the same C.O. menu.