Octavation: no suffix after 15

Octavation: I get no suffix after the 15 (but well after the 8). A bug, or did I something wrong?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-02 um 16.43.57.png

I forgot tom say: some bars before I got the suffix.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-02 um 17.32.01.png

Have you lengthened the line in Engrave mode? Dorico will hide the suffix if it doesn’t think there’s enough room for the suffix if the rhythmic length (i.e. the real length in Write mode, not the graphical length in Engrave mode) is insufficient for it to appear. Try deleting it and recreating it in Write mode with all of the notes you expect it to cover selected.

Thank you for your answer!
Yes, I lengthened the line in Engrave mode.
I found a solution: I deleted the 15ma, put additional notes in the rests, then I recreate the 15ma and at the end I deleted the additional notes. A little bit cumbersome, but acceptable workaround.