Octave line for single voice defect?

In Dorico 5, if I attempt to add an octave line to a single voice using the Alt key, I get nothing.

Windows 11 Insider Preview. Dorico 5.0.20.

This site enables me to prove my Alt keys are working:

Invoke the caret in that specific voice, Shift-C, 8ba, alt-enter, pick a rhythmic value (5 for instance), space as many times as necessary. Do you see it now? Or has the behavior changed?

Shift-C 8 gives octave above. Using Alt-Enter, no octave line is produced. Same as using the Panel.

Both the caret and typing Space to give the line length have always been necessary when adding voice-specific octave lines (as with hairpins from note entry mode).

Please confirm that having invoked the caret and typed Shift-C 8 Alt-Enter, you’ve subsequently typed Space at least once. This seems to work here in Dorico 5.0.20 (albeit on Mac) just as it did in previous versions.

Does absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. It starts playback from the start. This is not really happening, is it? Dear me.

That shouldn’t be the case, because the caret should still be invoked after you’ve typed Shift-C 8 Alt-Enter. At what point is the caret disappearing?

Now. More carefully, I did not realise you have to be in note entry mode. Reading the manual (!) I see that if I type 8vb for octave below, and space, then it works. So thank you.

But, you can set octave lines from the panel OK. Why does Alt-Enter not work from the panel? That question still stands.

I select the first and (ctrl-click) last note that I want to 8va. Then hold alt and click the panel. Works every time! (It also works for me using shift-c 8 alt-enter, but I use it so rarely I prefer the panel route)

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Works no time for me, for octave below. That is the issue. It’s 8vb I am talking about. 8va works fine.

Ok, Andro, I’ve tried what I’ve posted there. And it works… So if you need it, use the caret as I described (and Leo after me), since it does work :person_shrugging:

Without wanting to be a darn pest, this must be a defect, isn’t it?