Octave line on a grace note Workaround


I need to put an octave line on a single grace note. I think it is not possible to do it in Dorico 3.5. As a workaround, I’m entering it as text glyph. I got the 8, but I need the closing bracket just after. I don’t know where it is located on this page.


Thanks for your help!


It’s definitely possible to put an octave line on a single grace note - I did it just yesterday! Where are you struggling?

I’ve just tried it again - looks like you need to make a selection (or use the caret to extend to a selection) that is longer than grace note. Then you can use Shift-Alt-Left to reduce the length of the line by the rhythmic grid.

I already tried that. The problem is that it keeps the 8va (instead of 8 alone) which is too long :frowning:

Assuming you don’t want “va” anywhere, just turn them off at Engraving Options > Octave Lines > Design.

Hum, I like the option there is the va when there is space and only 8 when there is not.
It is working with regular notes as you can see.

Getting back to the main point of my thread, do anybody know where is located the 8va ending bracket in the SMuFL page?

Dorico doesn’t use a glyph from SMuFL to draw the ending bracket for an octave line: this is drawn using primitives following the various relevant engraving options for length, thickness, and so on.