Octave Line Placements

In this draft of a piece I’m working on, I find two things surprising about the 15–| octave line:

a) The fermata shows above it instead of below it
b) I can’t find an automatic way to align the 8 and 15 octave lines.



At the moment, fermatas (along with many other things, including ornaments, harmonics, playing techniques, etc.) will be positioned outside octave lines (and tuplets, slurs, and articulations), and there’s currently no way for you to influence this. It’s not for good musical reasons, alas, but rather for tricky technical ones. Engrave mode allows you to tweak their placement.

There is likewise no way to automatically align octave lines, but that’s not a common requirement: normally they should be tucked in as close as possible to the notes they contain and not aligned across the system.

Thanks, Daniel!