Octave lines: length of dashes

This is a minor detail: I can’t find a way to make the dashes of the hooks of octave lines equally long as the dashes of the main line. Depending on the setting for the length of the dashes they’re sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, it seems unpredictable.
Why is it that they’re not equally long?

(I wanted to add a screenshot but I get the error message ‘Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.’ Is this something on my side?)

As an addition: I’m not happy with the options provided under ‘Alignment of line relative to label’. Currently, with ‘Top of label’ selected, it looks as if the line is even higher than the label. I’d rather have the line start close to the rightmost point of the upper bowl of the eight, or a bit higher.
Ah well, engravers tend to suffer from the occasional fit of perfectionism…

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Dorico manipulates the dash length and gap length of lines in order to ensure that lines always both start and end with a dash, and that at corners of e.g. octave lines, you get a complete dash leading in to and out of the corner. As a result, the gap and dash lengths are really considered ideal lengths rather than guaranteed ones.