Octave transposition keybindings not working

Hi… doing the 30 day trial of Dorico. Right away I have a problem. According to the literature, the keybinding ctrl + alt + up/down arrow should transpose a note by one octave after you have input that note. Instead, it flips the window upside down. I am using Dorico on Windows 10.

It sounds like that key combination is already being used by Windows to rotate the screen. This site might help in disabling it so that Dorico can use it:

That fixed it. Thanks!

Glad I could help.

You will probably encounter similar situations (in any application, not just in Dorico) where a keystroke behaves in an unexpected manner. After making sure that the System language and the keyboard layout (language) match with what the application expects, the next thing to do is to check if the operating system (Windows, in this case) has allocated it to a particular action. The internet is always a good place to find information.

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