Odd 64 bit problem


The past couple of weeks using C6 (Windows 7, 8GB Ram, ASIO) I get this intermitent problem when I open a project, no sound. I check the connections, they’re OK. I have my buffers all the way up (I thought it might be that) and when I hit play, I notice the VST performance window is spiked all the way up. The disk is ok though. So I have to shut down C6 and try again until it works. Has anyone had this and might have a solution?



This sort of thing happens to me from time to time. To clear the problem I don’t shut down Cubase but just temorarily swap the device driver to any of the other choices and then switch back again to my hardwares ASIO driver and that usually sorts the problem. Don’t know what causes it in the first place though. :confused:

Thanks Sherz,

I’ll try that.

No, didn’t work. When I go to change Drivers it freezes bad and I have to restart the computer. I just updated my interface drivers Saffire Pro DSP and the wierd thing is on C5x64 it lets me change drivers fine. Any ideas?