Odd artifact on choral bracket [solved]

See below. This was a bracket added manually in Engrave mode. You can see the small notches on the top and bottom left of the bracket.

It doesn’t show up in print, but it’s quite noticeable in the PDF.

Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix it? It represents a ton of manual spacing adjustments, so I’m loathe to start over.

I can’t share the file publicly, but I can email it if requested. Thanks.

Might it be the remnant of a sub-bracket? Check all the Engraving Options for Brackets & Braces, to see if anything is a bit wild.

It’s a good guess, but I checked. Nothing extra.

Didn’t you have an odd barline at the start of a Percussion part the other week? Is this the same project? If so, what was the solution with the percussion part and could it give a clue as to this?

edit: it was a strangely fat systemic barline. Could this be the same? If so, fix in Engraving Options.

This is a different project, no overweight barlines here.

It seems to be exacerbated by exporting the PDF from Acrobat as a different page size. I had a Dorico file with a page size of 7x10.25, which I exported to PDF and then opened and re-exported from Acrobat as letter size (with big margins for the printer).

I changed the Dorico file to letter size with large margins so I just have to export once, and the PDF is better… but the little notch on the bracket is still there.

It looks to me as if you’ve increased the thickness of the bracket line.

I haven’t, I promise! Default settings, through and through. I’ll email the file to you.

Update: Daniel took a look and said there’s nothing wrong with the score, it’s merely an artifact from the drawing at a high zoom.

Good to know, I’ve noticed this too, Dan.