odd audio export behaviour


When I bounce down midi files to audio it often happens that I later need to modify these and bounce them again with the same name. Formerly, Cubase would always ask me if I wanted to overwrite the existing file or create a new name, and I always chose overwrite.
Now, it mostly tells me that the file is already in the pool and it cannot be replaced. Just now, I rebounced one file and got the overwrite message (for the first time in weeks), and with the very next file I got the impossible to replace message. What’s going on here? Is there some setting I can change so that I always get the option to overwrite?
Any advice would be much appreciated!

If a file is in use then it cant be modified (overwritten) so it would look like you may have import to pool and/or project checked?

Thanks for replying!
Yes, I do have pool and audio track checked because I need the track in the project window. Do you mean that if I first delete the wrong file track from my project window before I try to re-export, then I’ll get the overwrite message?

Most probably!

Alas, 'tis not so!
I just tried, and I got “impossible to replace”. I have to go into the pool, drag the old file into the bin AND empty the bin! What tedium!
Any other ideas anyone?

When you delete a track in cubase it puts the file in the pool bin so you shouldn’t need to drag it into the pool bin?

But even I’ve deleted the part (not the whole track, just the part representing the midi section I’ve bounced to audio), the file is still in the pool.
There’s something I don’y understand here!

Not sure if this will help but try changing the Naming Scheme in the export box. You may have to try several of them. I had this issue once and if I recall that worked. I was able to create a new one or overwrite again.

It sounds like you are exporting to the project’s “Audio” subfolder (?)

Exporting to here causes cubase to have a harder time with file management, as you have discovered, in the event of duplicate names. So try exporting it to another location away from the “audio” folder , see if that helps.

Thanks guys! I messed around with the naming scheme, but couldn’t see what I could change, as I name my files by the name of the instrument (eg cl for clarinet) followed by the bar number where these files begin).
But the idea of changing the location of the audio files is one that appeals, as before that’s what I uesd to do and never had this problem. So I’ll give it a try ASAP!

Well, I moved all the audio files for the project elsewhere and tried to bounce a modified section with the same name as one already existing into this new folder. No joy, I’m afraid. I still got “A file named trbs 210.wav already exists in the Pool. It is not possible to replace it”. Doesn’t look like this is the solution!