Odd behavior - Auto-pause no longer works

Wavelab 10 having many odd issues after months of good service.
1 Starting app hangs with no error or anything visible but does appear in task manager as if running. Audio connections don’t stick when restarting. Have updated, have repaired installation
2 Auto-pause no longer pauses with silence! My favorite feature.
3 Wavelab 9.5 has the same issue with auto-pause and auto markers

I believe this is now a known issue and will be addressed in an update. It’s not corrected in version ending 70

Are you speaking about “Audio In Pause” in CD? Else what?

Sorry, here’s the issue

I have a user getting an issue with the Auto_pause if silence and Auto- create Markers at pause points

Indeed, I can reproduce the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience: I note this for a future fix.

Thank you! Next time I find something like this I’ll post here. I wonder if you have been notified by the support team?? I suspect they haven’t.

I love your product Phillipe - been using it for years! This small feature in a robust DAW is the best feature for my workflow. In a world where a voiceover talent must engineer as well, using the auto pause auto markers, saves me from the distraction of the recording process so I can do my role.
Thank you!!

I don’t know if this was you, but this problem was already reported on the forum a few weeks ago, and I had noted it in my base.

I went through support channels,I started to put it here but it sat as a draft until I posted and got your response.
This matter is important to me, and confusing as it affects 10 pro AND 9.5!? Logic would say 9.5 should be unaffected by recent changes but it has the same issue. Things like that confuse me.
Glad you are on the case!

I am happy to report the issue has vanished and the feature has returned! I have no explanation as I did nothing more to resolve it. Hate that when it happens!! I like to know what solved a problem in case it comes up again. Sorry I can’t contribute what I did to fix it!

Note that I could identify and fix an anomaly. Hence I would not be surprised if the problem reappears before next version :wink:

That boggles my mind, but that’s easy to do! Thank you for addressing the problem so quickly.
BTW, I would appreciate having my CMC- TP and AI working in Wavelab 10 pro as beautifully as they do in Cubase. The strip on the TP is genius! Just doesn’t work at all in WL. The LED functionality is bizarre in both devices in WL but gorgeous and very useful in Cubase.
WL is my go to software and I own nearly every other as well including Cubase, Protools, Audition etc etc. Wavelab leaves the others unused for 90% of my needs.
Keep up the great work - I’m a big fan!

Today the problem returned as you predicted. It started with audio connection settings every time wavelab 10 and 9.5 starts and then the recording features mentioned above no longer work.
Looking forward to getting those back as this complicates my workflow.